Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Perfect Summer Steak Sandwich

A lot has happened these last few months - my husband and I began a house hunt, and, through some miracle, found one we liked!

Fortunately, this house does not have any of the following attributes, all of which were highlights at other houses we toured:

  • Floors so slanted that the dog's tennis balls would be constantly in a corner.
  • A massive, several hundred-deep Barbie collection in the unpermitted family room.
  • A neighbor wandering out to vaguely threaten you, with this sign in his window: 

  • Huge One Direction decals in every hallway (free of charge!)
  • A bedroom, entrance to which is only through another bedroom.
  • Sketchy boarding-house style locks on every door and makeshift entrances.
  • An old spa tub our realtor nicknamed "the embalming bathtub."
  • WINNER: a femur bone in the backyard. For reals.

Also, the last three were all the same house. On our first day of house hunting. It didn't inspire much confidence.

So, while we did see some gems, I will admit that we very lucky in finding the new home, and are absolutely in love with it!