Why hello, I didn't see you there!

I am Dana, your guide for today. Why the noble hostess, you ask? Well, it has little to do with any presumed nobility on my end (that's for sure).

Rather, I am fascinated by the pivotal of the role of "hostess" (or "host," for that matter) in others' enjoyment, for bringing people joy is a noble pursuit.

Being a good hostess, in my mind, isn't defined by the aesthetic execution of your party, the thoroughness of your menu strategy or clever ice breaker games. Rather, it is the sheer fact that you open your home to others with the single intention to show them a damn fun time.

Isn't that what life is all about, after all?

Also, in the process of creating my first batch of posts, I came to understand that a blog I would write simply devoted to entertaining tips and tricks wouldn't be that, well, entertaining. I have developed a penchant for sharing weirdo things with my friends in addition to food and drink, and am excited to have a medium through which I can write about whatever bizarre discovery catches my fancy. You know, like a blog is for. I invite you to join me on this journey while I determine Noble Hostess's creative direction and steadily publish blog posts into the Internet ether (and hopefully, your RSS aggregate clients).

So who am I in a nutshell? I am a kids' entertainment interactive producer, and a casual hostess living in Pasadena, CA with my husband, Ryan, and Golden Retriever, Dooley.

"I'm a mutant!"

I love this furface.

"Beer me!"

No really.

"Gerrrroff me, Ma!"

I am kind of obsessed.

Back to the quickie bio, I am passionate about home cooking with a twist, cocktails with a twist of lime, the Southern California craft beer scene and extraordinarily bad movies. I enjoy nothing more than opening my home to my friends and family, and sharing what amused us from the previous week.

Through this blog, I want to engage with you, my mystery guest! I love to hear people's stories and interests, so please reach out with any thoughts, questions, suggestions or your favorite puppy photos. One day we just may party together.

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