Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ode to Yeti Head

I can think of few things more unique than my prized Yeti Head. What is Yeti Head?

He is a bust of a human's face made our of a deer's backside. The tail, as you can see, is the goatee. It was given to me by my uncle, who procured it from an unknown store in Grass Valley, CA on vacation. My aunt was very willing to get rid of it, and I was very willing to have it. The nickname "Yeti Head" stems from the direct physical correlation, in my eyes, with the famous Yeti. He sits on an old telephone stand in my 1920s bungalow. And he is spectacular.

There are several remarkable things about my Yeti Head.

Firstly, you love him, or you hate him. When bringing new friends by the house, it is always fun to present them with the Yeti Head and see what their verdict is. Many are enthralled, and take numerous photos. They want to know all the details about its creation, procurement and meaning. I often take this has a solid sign of a budding friendship if someone reacts with such enthusiasm, as it means we probably have the same weirdo taste. Not loving Yeti Head of course doesn't mean we will not - in fact, my husband can't stand the thing. He tolerates it alongside all of my other bad habits (if there are any, being practically perfect, I'm sure...).

"I don't know about this..."
Secondly, my dog's reaction to Yeti Head. Or any dog's reaction, for that matter. Somewhere deep in that head remains the scent of the wild. The scent of the animal from whence it came. Not to mention the terrifying, steady glance it levels out across a room and over all creatures. Dooley will be walking in or out of the bedroom and, roughly ever few weeks, will suddenly catch the Yeti Head's eyes and give it a skeptical, sidelong glance. Occasionally, he barks. Even more occasionally, he will lean upward to give it a good, deep investigative sniff.

Lastly, his personality. If I was to give Yeti Head a personality, I would say "good sport." He has been covered in so many hats for photo opportunities, he would have to be. Plus, if you Google "head made of deer's butt" and see the other image results... he is far less terrifying. He looks more stoic than most terrifying deer heads.

Finally, home protection. I mean, who could rob us if you have a seemingly-possessed evil relic staring you down? Hopefully no one!

Do you have any weird relics you can't get rid of? I'd love to hear about them!

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