Thursday, May 29, 2014

How to Celebrate a Kentucky Fried Christmas

It may be May (har har), but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate the warm, cozy, bizarre Christmas presented in this amazing find.

A fried chicken holiday spectacular.
Yes, ladies and gents, that is Christmas Eve... with Colonel Sanders. All of your holiday favorites, in one beautiful vinyl. It is sure to add spice to all of your all evenings.

Let's explore further...

...should we call for help?

The Colonel looks dead. More specifically, he looks like he was trying to suppress a giggle, then caught himself off guard by dying. Or he is trying to feign sleep so the giant Christmas chickens don't come back to life and seek their revenge.

Henri Mancini signed up for this?

It has all of your holiday favorites! Just think - you could sing with your kids, or plop them down and throw on an old timey fast food record. It is the true meaning and spirit of Christmas.

The only collector's edition of anything you will ever need.
...and don't you forget it!

Oh yes. This is a VERY special collector's edition for Kentucky Fried Chicken. To add to the rest of your Kentucky Friend Chicken record collection. Or porcelain bucket collection? Or basket liner collection?

In fact, a quick Google image search does yield the following:

2 Piece And A Biscuit Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC Play Set in Original Package from eBay

Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC Play Set Complete in Box + Instructions from eBay

So we have that going for us. Touche, Internet! 

There also is a Christmas Day with Colonel Sanders, so the festivities never have to end.

Do you have a fast food Christmas tradition?

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